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my berlin fashion is a former fashion blog, founded in 2010 by Jasmin Fatschild at the age of 15. The young editor worked successfully in the fashion industry for years and made a name for herself. At one point, she decided to move on to new adventures and change the direction of the blog. Lifestyle topics, such as fitness, beauty, and traveling were now brought into the spotlight. 

While Jasmin always traveled for the blog, she decided to bring the topic of traveling to a focus and began to write more reviews about hotels, destinations, and her impressions. With a trip around the world in 2017, she got the chance to visit countries further away.  Jasmin was hosted by the Chinese tourism board and stared in a campaign for the Hong Kong tourism board. Her favorite destination is Japan. Jasmin speaks 5 languages and still not a fan of packing her suitcase, however, she is always keen for new trips as she believes that “life is a trip” –let the adventure begin! 

The influencer is a passionate self-taught photographer. Most impressive about her travel footage is that she takes all photos by herself with a tripod and timer, including shots of herself. She did various video and photo works and produced a brochure for her favorite destination Osaka, which she presented as an ambassador on the f.re.e travel fair in Munich, such as when giving talks in the Japanese embassy in Berlin.